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B2BCamp 2014 Agenda

                                        We’ve got an awesome agenda lined up for B2BCamp 2014 today!   9:05 – 9:50 a.m. Welcome Keynote – Adam Needles @ABNeedles Adam is a passionate B2B marketing change agent — helping companies build successful, […]

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B2BCamp Session Leaders Revealed

Just 24 hours until B2BCamp and we are now ready to reveal the breakout session list for tomorrow, in addition to the Keynote and Capstone sessions with Adam Needles and Rick Smith.  Many thanks to all who pitched a session and voted along the way – it is these efforts that make the “unconference” format so popular […]

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  Old School Saturday

The Stellar Speakers and Stuff of B2BCamp

What are you doing tomorrow? You might have a pretty nice little Saturday planned: going to Home Depot, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Hit up Bed, Bath, & Beyond if you’ve got enough time. Psh. You can do that any day of the week. The awesome keynote and capstone speakers […]

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What We Do (and Don’t ) Know About Saturday’s B2BCamp Agenda

We do know there will be Sales & Marketing session tracks with killer topics Have you visited the session voting site yet? We’ve got over 20 topics & pitches duking it out for spots on the agenda. Panels, Workshops, even Comedy Improv in the mix – all from local Sales & Marketing leaders covering actionable strategies and […]

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  B2B Marketing

The 3 C’s of B2B Marketing and Sales

When it comes to business-to-business marketing (or B2B for all us cool kids), we must remember there are three very important words that start with “C” which apply to our field. We’ll discuss the importance of these “3 C’s” at B2BCamp this Saturday, Nov. 8., at the Atlanta Technology village. If you haven’t registered, we […]

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  The next 25 people

The Coolest T-Shirt in Atlanta

B2BCamp is coming up this Saturday, Nov. 8., at the Atlanta Technology village. The B2BCamp team is offering the coolest t-shirt in Atlanta for the next 25 people who register. To reserve your awesome “Game Changer” t-shirt, simply use the promo code: “t-shirt” when you register. Will we see you there? If you haven’t registered […]

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  • Proposed Sessions


    • How NOT to Suck at B2B Marketing

      By: Jeff Perkins, QASymphony Format: Target Audience: Marketing Session Description: Digital marketing is more challenging than it has ever been. And it’s not getting any easier. Between the constant demands to show immediate ROI on every dollar spent to the overwhelming cluster of marketing technology tools, it can be hard just to keep your head […]

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    • Feed The Beast: Increasing Content Production Velocity to Support Growing SDR Teams

      By: Eric Martin, Catavolt Format: Target Audience: Marketing Session Description: You know those four eBooks last year that you produced and that you’ve been leaning on for all of 2015? They’re getting stale, and your audience and readers know it. Growing sales development teams and sophisticated marketing practices require a high “velocity” of content production […]

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    • Top Sales Hacks of 2015

      By: Chad Burmeister, ConnectAndSell Format: Target Audience: Sales Session Description: In this session, Chad Burmeister, Author of Sales Hack & VP Sales & Marketing with ConnectAndSell, and Top 25 AA-ISP Inside Sales Professional 6 years in a row, will share the top 10 sales hacks of 2015. A of the sales hacks include: -“Win the […]

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    • How To Stalk A Prospect Without Being Creepy

      By: Stacy Sutton Williams, Nebo Format: Target Audience: Marketing Session Description: Or: Beyond Forms: Advanced Strategies for Capturing Online Leads. Prospective customers are less willing to fill out the almighty online form, meaning sales teams have fewer leads to nurture, and marketers have a harder time tracking their results. This presentation gives 25 concrete solutions […]

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    • Engaging Your Sales Team to Help Drive Innovation

      By: Kevin Sasser, Sasser & Associates, LLC Target Audience: Sales Session Description: The sales forecast contains a treasure trove of market intelligence that can help not only improve your current product line, but better position your company to ward off disruptive innovation. Sadly, most simply abandon the most useful information and move on to the […]

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    • Customer success – what is it and how can it help you grow revenue?

      By: Michele mcmahon, Salesforce Target Audience: Marketing Session Description: Customer success is a key component to subscription model companies. How does this role impact revenue and help make your customers successful?

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    • The Transition: Promoting SDRs to AEs

      By: Preston Lyons, AchieveIt Target Audience: Sales Development Session Description: The sales process is a fundamental blend of the quantitative and the qualitative. It’s combining numerical data, with trusting your instincts… The promotion of SDRs to AEs is no different. If you make the transition too early, you run the risk of adding unprepared reps […]

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    • Social Media: How Social can impact your Success

      By: Margaret Wise, Arke Systems Target Audience: Marketing Session Description: Social Media is becoming a bigger footprint in marketing strategy. What does it mean to your business, should you avoid or embrace it? Hear real life examples and learn ways to identify how social can benefit your business.

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    • Marketing Technology: Navigating the Landscape

      By: Margaret Wise, Arke Systems Target Audience: Marketing Session Description: Marketing Technologies are seeing a very specific paradigm shift – and marketing technologists are going to need to be prepared! Take a deeper dive into the tools that provide personalization capabilities, engagement analytics, community platforms, the differences between marketing automation and email marketing platforms, A/B […]

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    • Marketing Technology: The Fundamentals

      By: Margaret Wise, Arke Systems Target Audience: Marketing Session Description: There’s a paradigm shift that’s taking hold of the marketing world, and it’s important to know what it is and understand it. We’ll define marketing technology, identify some common marketing technologies, and learn what you can expect in the future from MarTech.

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