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3 Reasons B2BCamp added a Participant Fee

Many of my friends have been asking me why I  started charging a participant fee to attend B2BCamp?  Here are the three reasons why I made the decision. Share me your thoughts? 1) Our participants told us its worth it -  we have asked on a number of survey’s how much people would spend on a comparable event and […]

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Game Changers Attend B2BCamp

The next 25 people to register for B2BCamp will receive an official “Game Changer” for attending B2BCamp. Sign-up on our registration site to reserve your t-shirt, REGISTER Simply use the promo code: tshirt when you register  

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Email Template for Manager To Pay for B2BCamp

Since B2BCamp is on November 8th on a Saturday, the mere fact that you ask your management to cover you for your participation should be a no-brainer and will reflect that you are serious about bettering yourself and your company. Here is an email that you can cut and paste and send to your manager today […]

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B2B Marketing and Sales topics of interest


B2BCamp Content Matrix Reveals What’s Really Important

B2BCamp community loves to learn! The challenge is that we never have enough time to keep up with all of the topics of interest so we have to pick and choose (and sometimes ignore). This is why we have been asking our participants for the upcoming November 8th event to complete our content matrix. As you […]

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B2BCamp Atlanta is happening on November 8th

Saturday, November 8th, 2014 from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Come join the B2BCamp Atlanta Marketing and Sales community conference on November 8th, register today to get our early bird special. This one-day adventure is sure to bring you surprises and “nuggets” of knowledge that you will be able to put to use on Monday. Our “give before you take” […]

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B2BCamp UnMeetup “The Secret of Selling” June 5th

Thursday, June 5 | 7:30 – 9:00 am | Atlanta Tech Village The secret of selling more is telling your story more often to people who are genuinely interested in buying your products and services. Easy? No. Possible? Yes. • find the right people • get their time and attention • tell your story • […]

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5 Key Points to Selling as a Hacker by John Melonakos

5 Key Points to Selling as a Hacker (by John Melonakos) With the uptick of technology-centric solutions to sales and marketing, hackers and technical startup founders have a greater opportunity than ever before to excel at these critical business functions. At AccelerEyes, we are a hacker heavy company. We were founded entirely by software building […]

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Five Top Content Series in the B2B Marketing Game

We all know how important blogging is – heck, if we don’t get a post up this afternoon our entire business will probably crumble tomorrow. We also know that our blogs are only as good as their readers. Enter the content series. Let them know what to expect, and keep them coming back for more. […]

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The Word of the Day is: ALLBOUND

ALLBOUND If you were with us at B2BCamp last weekend or even if you just keep up with us on social media, you’ve probably heard this word once or twice in the last week. Keynote speaker Allen Nance dropped this newly coined term in his talk, and clearly it resonated within the community. In the […]

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A few thanks are in order…

Like the saying goes, we couldn’t do it without you. Huge thanks to all of our sponsors and contributors for B2BCamp Atlanta Summer 2013! Keynote Allen Nance  Founder, CEO and President, WhatCounts   Conference Host Nate Kristy    Gold Sponsors     Silver Sponsor     Contributing Sponsor     In-Kind Sponsors       […]

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