The Word of the Day is: ALLBOUND


If you were with us at B2BCamp last weekend or even if you just keep up with us on social media, you’ve probably heard this word once or twice in the last week. Keynote speaker Allen Nance dropped this newly coined term in his talk, and clearly it resonated within the community. In the current marketing landscape, there is no room to distinguish between channels. Inbound and outbound have become meaningless as everything is everywhere all the team. As Allen puts it in his follow-up post, to keep up we have no choice but to focus on “all channels, all the time, all effort.”


So what does allbound mean for you? When there seems to be a new marketing channel popping up every day, how have you adapted your marketing strategy to address them all? Continue the conversation here, or check out the thread on LinkedIn.

p.s. Allbound’s not the only thing people are talking about from B2BCamp – check out the top tweets or catch up on some of the presentations you missed (and the resulting discussions) on LinkedIn.