Growing our community takes a village.  B2B Camp Ambassadors are proud key players at B2B Camp building the ever-growing community:

We are seeking several key Ambassadors for the following areas:


  • Goal: Rally the B2B community
  • Help facilitate and build a strong B2B Camp point of view for B2B marketing and sales
  • Awaken a passionate community
  • Increase community connections for B2B Camp participants


  • Goal: Oversee relevant, engaging and educational content
  • Support & facilitate speakers
  • Ensure quality content for outreach
  • Monitor trends and pulse of the community to determine key content topics

Marketing Operations

  • Goal: Manage the “secret sauce “and projects for the core B2B Camp and host events
  • Implement, monitor and report on analytics on a per month and per event basis
  • Execute on outreach & surveys for B2B Camp org and events
  • Self-driven research/selection/integrate of systems into the B2B Camp ecosystem for streamlined/scalable operations

Event Producer

  • Goal: Produces an awesome event that is consistent and innovative

Do you love what we’re doing at B2B Camp? Are you read to tell the B2B world that you know your stuff in one these areas?  Do you take to heart “give before you get”?

How To Become An Ambassador (Coming Soon)