You Determine the Sessions!

B2B Camp follows an “unconference” format. Session topics and presenters are not determined until attendees vote online and during the event. This allows the most interesting and relevant topics to be discussed by a variety of thought leaders.

Propose a Session

Rather than having pre-scheduled speakers, anyone who is interested in leading a session can submit a proposal. Proposed sessions will be voted on by the B2B Camp participants with the most popular sessions getting on the event schedule. Other participants will view what your session is about prior to the event so that they can be prepared to vote when they arrive at B2B Camp on Saturday morning. Be prepared to submit the following information:

  • Session Title
  • Description of Session
  • Session Format (see information below)
  • Short Bio (around two lines)
  • Session Category (see information below)
  • Target Audience (Essentials or Advanced – see information below)

If you’re looking for topics that past participants are wanting to see, check out past events. If you have questions, please send an email to B2B Camp Session Chair.

Preferred Session Formats

You can structure your 45 minute session however you wish, but to help align expectations of the session leader and the participants, we offer the following descriptions of formats that have been well received in previous B2B Camps. In general, the sessions that have been reported as most enjoyed and talked about have been very interactive.

  • Town Hall – The leader presents a short (20-30 minute max) informative topic, open-ended question or premise and opens the floor for expansion, comment, questions and general discussion.
  • Roundtable Breakout – Similar to Town Hall, except that audience breaks out into small groups and typically shares findings, comments, or team responses with the room at the end of the session.
  • Workshop – In this format, the audience is actively involved, collectively or in groups, in an exercise or application of a technique or process which has been presented by the session leader. Proposers are encouraged to have knowledgeable assistants to help answer questions and support the exercise.
  • Panel Discussion – Popularly seen, this format has several people qualified to talk about the subject of the session, preferably from diverse or even counterpoint perspectives or roles.
  • Ask the Expert – This format is most successful with a recognized authority on a subject of wide interest or a direct participant in some particularly interesting event or phenomenon. The expert or a moderator introduces the topic and frames some appropriate discussion and then opens the floor for questions, including those that might be somewhat specific as long as they are applicable to more people than the individual questioner.
  • Presentation (if you dare) – Having already suggested that this traditional one-directional delivery is less popular among the B2B Camp community, there are some exceptional topics and presenters who can make this work. Session proposers are advised to consider this carefully and be honest in citing this format if it is actually what will be delivered.

Participants Disliked

  • Excessive Slideware (>10 slides is probably pushing it for most sessions!)
  • Pushing questions to the end
  • Anything Sales-y

Source: ProductCamp Atlanta

Session Categories (Sample)

  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Management
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Management/Playbook
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Sales Training and Development
  • Mobile Marketing
  • VR / AR / MR / AI in Marketing

Target Audience

  • Essentials – these sessions are targeted to product managers and product marketers with no or little previous experience in the topic and should discuss core knowledge and skills that a product manager or product marketer would want to know in the topic area.
  • Advanced – these sessions are targeted to product managers and product marketers with previous experience in the topic area and that are looking to increase their depth of knowledge in that topic by discussing a narrow subject at a deeper level of detail.