We are looking for hosts for other city events.

If you share the same passion for B2B Sales and Marketing like us and feel your city could benefit from something new then be our host! Contact us for next steps.

What is a Host?

In the spirit of unconferences and being participant led, B2B Camp is looking to establish a network of local hosts who are just as passionate about B2B Sales and Marketing as we are!

We also realize everyone has limited time to spend volunteering which is why we strive to provide you 80% of what YOU need to organize YOUR event. With our event platform and support, you would be able to host B2B Camp in little as 6 weeks.

Depending on the city, we may connect you with other local hosts that share your same passion. This will also provide an opportunity for you to expand your reach for attendees since this is a personal event.

Benefits to being a host:

  • In-kind sponsorship – You are your own brand, promote it!
  • Host profile – Your profile will be listed as the go-to person for B2B Camp in that City

  • Speaking role – Have an opportunity to speak during open and closing comments

  • No out-of-pocket expenses – We will cover all related expenses to hosting an event

  • Advisory Member – Help guide B2B Camp brand as part of our national host Council

  • Build your network- All local communication goes out will include your host info

  • LinkedIn Sub-Group – Continue the conversation as the manager of your City Subgroup


  • Above all, you need be passionate for B2B Sales and Marketing

  • Either work for yourself or a B2B organization, no B2B vendors…please sponsor if you are

  • Willing to invest 2-4 hours per week for 8-10 weeks

You ready for this!!!

Contact us for next steps