Over the years we have had many great events but nothing beats hearing it from our past attendees.  This year’s event is going to be amazing as we take the program to the next level.  Looking forward to meeting you and your friends at B2B Camp 2018 in Atlanta! 

Here are some of the things past attendees have to say about attending B2B Camp!  We are looking forward to adding your testimonials for this years event!

“Love the UnConference style — creates real engagement between the presentations and the presenters. “

Craig Hyde / Founder of Rigor

“B2BCamp was simply awesome. It was especially beneficial for me, because I didn’t come from a sales and marketing background. B2BCamp is a great way for engineers to get a crash course in latest B2B sales and marketing techniques.”

John / Accelereyes

“Democratic learning:sessions are flexible/interactive;participants are just as likely to contribute as the presenters;the vibe is casual, cool and upbeat; one of the best ways to spend a Saturday.”

Frank Borovsky

“Very engaging and easy to speak with presenters and vendors.  I love the pitch idea, and had I known the format, I could have easily made a pitch as well.  Food was good and the B2B Camp Team were extremely nice and approachable. Each break-out session was interesting as well!  I Will be returning!

Geoffrey Bell / Salesfusion

“B2B Camp was great because it force to me prepare and hone my message, even if I didn’t present. That brings values to everyone that participates.”

Eric / ABEO

“Eclectic & unexpected.  The mix of attendees is awesome & breadth of talks & presentations yielded a great variety of new info, ideas & strategies.  Not to mention good old fashioned networking! STILL STOKED DAYS LATER!”

Jon / BigNerdRanch.com

“Been two years in a row and both times I’ve left super pumped that I went. Gets me motivated to try a bunch of new cool things in the work I do – gotta love a conference that makes you excited/rejuvenated to go back to work.”

Jeff / Lessmeeting.com

“Relaxed and positive … something I do for me and my particular interests around B2B marketing”

Jamie Davenport / Salesforce.com

“What a great conference! I came away with so much actionable strategy and tactical advice from fellow B2B marketers, and the unconference format meant that all of the sessions I attended were ones I actually WANTED to hear.”

Suzy Matus / Pardot

“I learned more than I imagined. It was information that will change the way I do a lot of things going forward. It kinda gave me a reboot and motivation to work even harder!”

Brook / Rippleit.com

“The caliber of the Keynote Speaker and Presenters was exceptional. The content was highly relevant – and all encompassing of the MAP universe. More importantly – I walked away with several action items that I know will make a difference in how I do business – tomorrow!”

John Kline

“I work in a support position for Sales, and this was a valuable peek into what our Sales team could do beyond the basics with all the information we collect, without needing to add a bunch of admin staff or more marketing people. I came away with not just ideas, but business cases and actual examples!”

Sara Row